Congratulations to the cast of Run For Your Wife.  Everyone was amazing at auditions, which made the casting a very difficult decision.  Our 2015 show is a 15-year reunion show and features cast members who have been in previous Harwood shows.

John Smith - Perry Rust - last seen on the HPP stage in 2000

Stanley Gardner - Scott Horvik - last HPP show was in 2001

Mary Smith - Shanara Lassig - last HPP show was in 2010

Barbara Smith - Kari Holman - was in 2013 and 2014 shows

Sergeant Troughton - John Noone - last HPP show was in 2011

Sergeant Porterhouse - Jim Donat - in 2009 and 2014 shows

Bobby Franklin - Rick Mangahas - first HPP show in 2014

Newspaper Reporter - Tony Eiter - last HPP show was in 2006

David Lassig, Director